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Play School Years

The preschool years are characterized by high energy, extreme curiosity, soaring imagination, and excessive creativity.

Healthy preschoolers enjoy taking risks with anything which challenges their mind and body. Physical development at this age includes an increase in the coordination of gross motor movements and more specialized fine motor abilities. This direct the child in developing new skills in athletics and art.

Emotional development covers self- regulation, self-concept, and a better appreciation of emotions and how to express them during the preschool years. Their vocabulary and language skills are increasing rapidly.

When should parents opt for Play School?

The age range normally understood as the preschool age is after age three and up to about age six.

As the young child changes from a toddler into a preschooler it is important to understand and promote positiv e growth through multiple domains .

This includes cognitive, emotional, social, and physical developm ent. The following list of characteristics depict the average preschool years of 3 years old .

Our Teaching Methodology

Participate in 30-60 minutes of vigorous physical activity each day: go for a walk, play in the park, ride bikes, play in the sprinkler, enroll in tumbling or dance classes.

Play throw and catch. Play kick-ball or soccer.

Try throwing a ball to the child while child hits with a toddler’s bat or racquet.

Have your own race or set up an obstacle course.

Engage in art activities such as drawing with crayons, painting with different sizes of brushes, cutting with scissors, and using a pencil.

Why mother’s touch

We have experience of over 15 years in Education

More focused on quality then quantiity, Limited kids per class/ teacher

Eco friendly campus, CCTV survelliance, Fire Safety, Well Equipped Auditorium, Swimming pool

Well qualified teachers, staff and Aids

Communication with parents on daily basis

Transport facility with Female assistance

Note :

1) The cheque should be in favour of “Deepak sharma and sons (HUF)”
2) Admission Fee is non – refundable.
3) The Transport Facilities are optional and can be availed on extra payment.
4) 2 Passport size Photographs
5) Birth Certificate
6) Parent’s Id Proof